Big Round World, Greek islands, Cyclades, Tinos, trip, hiking, ancient mountain village

Deirdre is a gifted leader, I would go anywhere with her. Her preparation is meticulous, the trip description spot on. A blending of past into present that required a sensitive awareness of place that Deirdre provided through her own skill and the perspective of local people invited along on our treks. Randy M., Green River, WY

Big Round World, Pembrokeshire Coast, Wales, UK, sea views, hiking

Gene Goldberg was superb! His pre-trip newsletters were extremely informative. He responded to emails immediately and answered any question I had. All trip information he sent was helpful. Diane M., Shreveport, LA

Big Round World, Dolomites trip, Italy, Bolzano, Mini Alps, hiking

Gene is a gentle, thoughtful leader who took into account a wide range of personalities. Deb A., Seattle, WA

Big Round World, Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, hiking, high altitude

Good advice on conserving water and minimizing trash. Efforts to not only leave nothing behind, but also picking up others trash on the trails. Sandi K., Portland, ME

Big Round World, South Downs, England, white cliffs, sea view, lighthouse, hiking trip

This is my 5th trip w/ Deirdre. She is exceedingly kind & patient, as well as a wonderful guide. I heartily recommend signing up for a trip. You won’t be disappointed. Bonnie W., Whittier, CA

Big Round World, Dolomites trip, Italy, Cortina, Mini Alps, hiking

Gene was great company and became a great friend. He was always engaged, informative and good natured. I loved his sense of humor. John M., Cincinnati, OH

Big Round World, Dolomites trip, Italy, Cortina, Mini Alps, hiking

Deirdre created an environment of trust and care that turned a group of strangers into a community that looked out for each other. She was not only knowledgeable but cheerful and attentive to small details. I can't recommend Big Round World highly enough! Bonnie S., Auburn, ME

Big Round World, Mt Kilimanjaro summit, Uhuru Peak, high elevation, hiking, trekking

I can't say enough good things about Deirdre Butler's leadership. I've been a classroom teacher for 30 years and have also worked on and off with Outward Bound. I've met a lot of amazing educators and outdoor professionals. Deirdre ranks among the very best I've ever seen. Brian W.,Silver Spring, MD

Big Round World, Dartmoor, southern England, Less Trodden Trails trip, hiking

The location and itinerary were terrific! Dartmoor was even better than I had read about or imagined! Ann B.,Newtown, PA

Big Round World, Dolomites trip, Italy, Cortina, Mini Alps, hiking

Gene Goldberg was an excellent leader. I would not hesitate a second to go on another trip with him. Anon.

It was the most memorable vacation that I have had in more than a decade, in large part because of the trip leader's careful planning and concern for the needs of the group. Margaret S., Anchorage, AK

Big Round World, Pembrokeshire Coast, Wales, UK, Bronze Age burial chamber, trip, hiking

I really enjoyed the mix of cultural and historical interests with great hiking in varied landscapes. Kathleen B. Madison, NJ

Big Round World, Pembrokeshire Coast, Wales, UK, sea view, hiker

Mrs. Butler was the quintessential leader--gracious, efficient, and cheerful. This was my second trip with her and I would highly recommend her. Carolyn H., Raleigh, NC

Big Round World, Dolomites trip, Italy, Cortina, Mini Alps, hiking, mountain lodge

I was impressed that everyone's needs were accommodated, whether they be food, medical, or transportation assistance. This was all done without fuss. Elizabeth G., Las Vegas, NV