How to sign up for your Big Round World adventure

NOTE: Big Round World has added the COVID-19 vaccine to our standard list of required immunizations for our group travel. You may sign-up for a trip prior to being fully vaccinated however evidence of COVID-19 vaccination and booster is required prior to the trip start. In the event you have not yet been fully vaccinated, confirmation of your positive intention is requested in your COVID-19 Vaccination Status Form.

  1. Complete your COVID-19 Vaccination Status Form. Click on the button below to access and securely complete the form.

2. After completing your COVID-19 Vaccination Status Form, click on the following button to complete your trip sign-up. Please note, in order to join a Big Round World it is a requirement to be fully vaccinated against the coronavirus. Copy of your COVID-19 vaccination record will be requested prior to the trip start.

Payment of your trip deposit means you are fully aware of, and in full agreement with, this condition.