England’s Coast to Coast including Hadrian’s Wall

England’s Coast-to-Coast walk is a classic. It was a life ambition of A. Wainwright and describes a 190 mile walk, in an approximate beeline, having a preference for the high ground and crossing some of England’s most stunning countryside. Our walk covers 100+ miles of the original route and begins at St. Bees Head on the coast of the Irish Sea. This trip provides the opportunity to experience the variety and beauty of the English countryside. From the Irish Sea to the spectacular UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Lake District, onto the rugged beauty of the Pennines, "the backbone of England", through the emerald green Yorkshire Dales to the desolate North York Moors and finally the waves of the North Sea at Robin Hoods Bay.  In August 2022, the full walk was awarded National Trail status.

Hadrian’s Wall is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site preserving Europe’s largest remaining Roman fortification marking the northernmost limit of the Roman Empire. We will follow along part of its path, contemplating the stones, artifacts, a mile-castle or turret, and the history and humanity that have passed along the way. Our days' walk ends with a tour of Housesteads, the most complete example of a Roman Fort in Britain where excavations have revealed major buildings both within and outside the defenses.

For those arriving early, consider a visit to Carlisle Castle dating from the 11th century for an insight into its turbulent history and how it got the epithet of most besieged castle.

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