Become a Travel Ambassador for Big Round World - tell your friends about our trips.

For every new referral(1) who participates in a Big Round World international(2) trip – both you and your referral are rewarded.

Rewards to Travel Ambassador:

  • $100 trip credit or CASH for every New Referral who signs up for a trip.
  • No limit to the number of New Referrals.
  • Default payment condition is "Trip Credit" for benefit unless the Travel Ambassador advises Big Round World otherwise.
  • Travel credit will be available in your Big Round World Account five weeks after your new Traveler’s departure. Cash payments are issued in the form of a check and will be mailed five weeks following your new Traveler's departure.
    • Please note: To comply with IRS regulations, you will also receive a Form 1099; you are required to provide your Social Security number and report the total refund bonus you earned for any tax year in which you receive $600 or more in cash for referring new travelers.
  • The Travel Ambassador Rewards you earn by referring new Travelers may be combined with the Early Bird special trip price (if available) providing compliance within the stated time frame.

Rewards to Traveler referred to Big Round World:

  • $100 discount off trip price.
  • Must identify Travel Ambassador who referred them to Big Round World, by name and contact details, in the Trip Application Form to enable both the new Traveler AND the Travel Ambassador to receive their rewards.
  • May be combined with the special Early Bird trip price if available. For example, depending on availability, combining the Travel Ambassador referral discount and the Early Bird trip discount may give a total discount of $400 off the regular trip price: $100 for referral and $300 for Early Bird sign up.
  • Trip discount is applied to the final Balance payment.
  • New Traveler is also eligible to be a Travel Ambassador (see above for benefits).


  1. "New Referral" is some one who has not traveled with Big Round World previously. Thereafter called “new Traveler”.
  2. For these purposes, the term “International” includes all overseas trips, Canada, Alaska, Hawaii and all non-contiguous US States. Trips to the lower 48 US States are not included in the Travel Ambassador Referral Club.
  3. The trip is a GO! Rewards are applicable providing the trip has enough sign-ups to run. If the trip is cancelled due to insufficient sign-ups or unexpected events or conditions (weather, unsafe local conditions due to political unrest/ war etc) outside the control of Big Round World, no new Traveler or Travel Ambassador Rewards will be applicable.
  4. New Traveler and Travel Ambassador Rewards are subject to the new Traveler's actual participation in a trip. If a new Traveler cancels off a trip, no Traveler or Travel Ambassador Rewards will be applicable.
  5. Participation in some trips is subject to Leader Approval upon sign-up. This is to ensure trip compatibility and trip safety for both the individual and the group. If trip participation is declined, every effort will be made to offer the new Traveler another, more compatible trip.
  6. Your Big Round World Trip Leader is not eligible to serve as your Travel Ambassador.

Big Round World reserves the right to amend and or fully cancel all special offers, deals and reward programs offered without prior notice and at its sole discretion.