2020 Trips

Big Round World adventures in 2020...

May 9 - 17, 2020 - The Connoisseur's Land's End, Cornwall, England

Steeped in history, Cornwall has a mystical attraction. Romantic links with King Arthur. Tangible evidence over the millenia as a source of the pliable, "screaming" metal, tin, giving the Cornwall mining landscape World Heritage Site status. And today, the Penwith and Lizard peninsulas well deserve their status as Heritage Coasts within the greater designation of Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Join Big Round World in a feast for the eyes, heart, soul and stomach on this jam-packed, luxury 4 star accommodation, gastronomic extravaganza, walking and sightseeing tour of the southernmost end of Britain.

Suited to the active walker who likes to hike 5-6 miles daily over varied terrain. Group size 10-14.

Trip Price: $3,680 per person | Deposit: $920

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June 13 - 20, 2020 - Solstice Glacier Exploration: Touring and Hiking in Alaska’s Wrangell-St.Elias National Park and Vicinity

One extraordinary ferry crossing. Two National Scenic Byways. Three remote mountain ranges. Four massive glaciers. Six wild rivers. Twenty hours of daylight. All this in eight days of wilderness exploration on the road less traveled in south-central Alaska. Under the midnight sun, wildlife and wildflowers abound. You’ll enjoy hiking through forests, meadows and over glaciers, encounter indigenous Alaskan cultures and learn about early exploitation of the area’s resources.

Join Big Round World on an excursion to the Wrangell-St.Elias National Park and Preserve, the largest national park in the country and one of the least visited. Wrangell-St. Elias National Park is part of an international world heritage site which contains some of the finest pristine wilderness in North America accessible by road.

Suited to the easy-moderate hiker with some more challenging sections. Group size 12.

Early-bird until June 12, 2019: $3,535 per person | Deposit: $884

From June 13, 2019: $3,835 per person | Deposit: $959

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July 16 - 24, 2020 - Hiking in the Heart of the Dolomites, Italy

Stunning pale mountains rise abruptly from rolling green meadows. Villages dot the steep, narrow valleys. This UNESCO World Heritage Site has awed visitors for millennia. Come hike with Big Round World through an area many consider the most beautiful mountains on earth. Smaller than the neighboring Alps, these craggy mountains are readily accessible through a network of roads and ski lifts. Using our hotel in Cortina, Queen of the Dolomites and home to the 1951 Winter Olympics, as a base, our day hikes will enable us to experience some of the variety of the nine groups of mountains that make up the system. Our comfortable three star hotel is situated in the heart of town and convenient to many restaurants.

Suited to regular hikers who like to hike 5-8 miles daily over varied and sometimes challenging terrain, often steep and very rocky. Group size 10-14.

Early-bird until July 15, 2019: $3,385 per person | Deposit: $846

From July 16, 2019: $3,685 per person | Deposit: $921

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Gap of Dunloe - looking north - DeFacto

September 12 - 19, 2020 - Walking in the Ring of Kerry, Southern Ireland

The Emerald Isle is waiting for you. The Ring of Kerry, tucked away in the South West corner of Ireland adjacent to the Wild Atantic Way, includes expanses of wilderness, majestic mountains, breathtaking waterfalls and serene lakes. Based on the edge of Killarney National Park, join us to uncover some of Southern Ireland's treasures and experience a culture famed for its myths, legends and music.

Suited to regular hikers who like to hike 3 - 10 miles daily, with some challenging sections and elevation gains up to 2,500 feet. Group size 10-14.

Early-bird until September 11, 2019: $3,350 per person | Deposit: $838

From September 12, 2019: $3,650 per person | Deposit: $913

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October 24 - November 7, 2020 - Explore Bhutan - Land of the Thunder Dragon

Heed the roar of the Thunder Dragon; he is calling you to Bhutan, the mystical Buddhist kingdom of the Himalayas. Come explore it with us. Mountains, fortresses, temples, fluttering prayer flags, Rhododendron forests, smiling faces, and whirling magical dancers; all this and more are what we will experience. We’ll walk the paths the locals walk, eat their food, talk to them, and visit their homes. Travel by private bus, stay in comfortable hotels, and listen to our knowledgeable local English speaking guides.

Suited for active walkers who like to hike 2-5 miles daily in hilly and sometimes steep and maybe muddy conditions. We have one hike with 1,700 feet of elevation gain on rocky trails with steep drop offs. Group size 8-12.

Trip Price: $5,800 per person | Deposit: $1,450 payable upon trip sign-up

Plus: International flight Bangkok-Paro-Bangkok: $1,000* pp | Deposit: $300 payable by December 21, 2019

*Provisional RT airfare price is dependent on the actual price to be published by Druk Airlines. Actual cost should not exceed this amount. Option to purchase return group air ticket is guaranteed until December 21, 2019. A nonrefundable deposit of $300 will secure your space on this return flight and is payable by Dec 21, 2019. After this date availability can not be guaranteed.

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